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Personal Injury Cases in Other States

Personal Injury Cases in Other States

Although our home turf is obviously the Baltimore-Washington area, Miller & Zois major personal injury cases across the country. Our personal injury lawyers have handled cases in over 30 states, and we have recovered millions in compensation for victims in out-of-state cases. We do this by hiring local counsel in the jurisdiction where the case is located. Often, our local counsel is a local law firm that wanted to bring us in to help handle the case because of the size and complexity of the claim. If we collect any money in the case, we split the contingency fee with local counsel. This does not result in any additional attorneys’ fees or expenses to the client. Our percentage fee remains the exactly the same.

So what are you getting for no extra charge? You are getting two lawyers for the price of one and you are getting something even more valuable: seasoned lawyers with a track record of success to put you in the best position for maximizing the value of your case. You want to find the best lawyer to get you as much money for your claim as you possibly can.

For out-out-state cases with local counsel, our personal injury attorneys only consider larger cases involving death or very serious injuries. Here is a summary of some of the jurisdictions outside Maryland that we frequently litigate cases in.

Washington DC Personal Injury
Washington DC Personal Injury Cases

DC is a very favorable jurisdiction for personal injury plaintiffs. M&Z has several lawyers who are barred in DC and we have a long track record of success in this jurisdiction.

Virginia Personal Injury
Virginia Personal Injury Cases

Virginia is another state in which M&Z lawyers have a history of success. Plaintiff’s win a high percentage of tort cases in Virginia, although the average awards are comparably lower.

Georgia Personal Injury
Georgia Personal Injury Cases

M&Z handles a regular flow of cases in Georgia through an established network of local counsel. IN partnership with our local counsel, we have helped tort victims in the peach state get maximum compensation for their injuries.

Pennsylvania Personal Injury
Pennsylvania Personal Injury Cases

Pennsylvania is one of the outside jurisdictions that M&Z handles the most cases in. We represent Pennsylvania victims in medical malpractice, birth injury and other tort cases involving death or very serious injury.

Delaware Personal Injury
Delaware Personal Injury Cases

Although Delaware is one of the smallest states, it has a large urban center area around Wilmington that is closely connected with Philadelphia. Its close proximity makes Delaware another jurisdiction in which M&Z lawyers are very comfortable.

West Virginia Personal Injury
West Virginia Personal Injury Cases

West Virginia is one of the most plaintiff-friendly jurisdictions in the entire country. Tort plaintiffs in West Virginia have a very high rate of success. We are currently looking for birth injury and medical malpractice cases in this state.

Minnesota Personal Injury
Minnesota Personal Injury Cases

Minnesota has very favorable tort laws and is generally plaintiff friendly. M&Z has well established relationships with good local counsel in Minneapolis to handle major medical malpractice and birth injury cases.

Philadelphia Personal Injury
Philadelphia Personal Injury Cases

Philadelphia County is widely viewed as the best jurisdiction in the entire country for plaintiffs in tort cases. M&Z regularly handles cases in Philly involving hospital malpractice, birth injuries, and other types of negligence resulting in death or permanent injury.

National Personal Injury Cases
National Personal Injury Cases

We are a national firm and we handle cases involving catastrophic injury and death across the country. Our personal injury lawyers can work in partnership with local counsel in almost any state at no additional cost to the client. If your case meets our criteria, you can get two firms for the price of one.

Client Reviews
When my sister was killed, we turned to Miller & Zois to fight for us. They stood by us every step of the way and we ended up getting more money than we asked for. C.B. (Baltimore City)
My prior lawyer was not able to get the insurance companies to offer a single penny in my case. Then my lawyer referred me to Ron and Laura. It was a long fight and they fought for me every step of the way. My case settled for $1.31 million. A.A. (Baltimore City)
I did not get an offer for my case because the insurance company said they were denying coverage. My lawyer then referred me to Miller & Zois. After Miller & Zois got involved, the offer was raised to $150,000. We thought that was not fair so Miller & Zois took my case to arbitration. Our case was well prepared and perfectly executed. The arbitrator awarded me $405,000. R.V. (Anne Arundel County)
I refer all of my serious injury cases in Maryland to Miller & Zois because they turn over every last stone to maximize the value of their case. The last case I referred to them settled for $1.2 million. John Selinger (New York personal injury lawyer)
As former insurance defense lawyers, Miller & Zois 'know the other side's playbook'. Lawyers Weekly USA
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